My Projects

A list of key past and present projects...

The Startup Story

Status: live, un-maintained. Technologies: built using the Wordpress CMS.

The Startup Story is an independent blog and website designed to act as a useful repository of all things relating to entrepreneurship and the startup scene in the UK.

The original blog was a record of my first year in London, having moved down to follow a 12-month course in business and entrepreneurship through the New Entrepreneurs Foundation

Since then I’ve grown my network, my knowledge of the UK startup scene, and amassed a wealth of knowledge and resources to help founding teams build and grow their startups. The Startup Story blog is a collection of all this information and more, all in one (hopefully!) easy to navigate and digest resource.

Hope you find something of value and great use to you on your own journey!

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Rolling Stock Cycles

Status: live, un-maintained. Technologies: built from scratch – Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and a little php.

Rolling Stock Cycles is a basic blog site for Cycling, Mountain Biking, Running, Swimming and Triathlon at University level in the UK.

I started work on the website during the summer of 2011, around the time I graduated from Durham University. It was the first website I built, and is built from scratch, using HTML, CSS and a little php. I taught myself those early web development skills, reading tutorial sites on the web and through books.

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The Endurance Challenge

Status: in-development, not yet live. Technologies: built using the Wordpress CMS.

The Endurance Challenge is a new blog site and Podcast series covering the ins and outs of the Endurance Sports World. The focus here is on Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Running, Hiking, Swimming, outdoor pursuits etc.

The intention is to blog about my own large endurance challenges (like the Fred Whitton cycling challenge and the l’Etape du Tour in France, and then also host interviews with pro athletes, seasoned amateurs, industry experts, coaches and your favourite brands and events.

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The New Entrepreneurs Foundation

Their blurb:

The New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) aims to provide the UK’s leading entrepreneurial training programme to fast-track young, talented, aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.
 We do this by selecting the UK’s brightest and most entrepreneurial young people and by providing them with a unique, 12-month programme which consists of five main components: a paid work placement in an entrepreneurial company; an intensive fast-track learning programme; monthly speaker & networking events; an executive coach and a business mentor. Through this programme, our New Entrepreneurs are equipped with the hands-on experience, skills and networks to build scalable businesses.

Some more info:

So the NEF is a London based charity with a mission to nurture and promote entrepreneurship and start up businesses in the UK. Each year the NEF takes on a class or ‘cohort’ of around 30-40 young aspiring entrepreneurs and business minds, with the aim of providing them the best programme of learning, hands-on work experience, and networking events etc. to equip them with the tools to successfully launch or grow their own business ventures now and in the future.

I was a member of the class of 2014 and can’t recommend the 1-year course highly enough! More information on the NEF can be found here.

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Multisite Masters

Status: exited business. Technologies: built and hosted using the Squarespace CMS.

Multisite Masters is a new Podcast audiobook focusing on how to better manage and grow multi-site businesses.

I founded and started work on Multisite Masters whilst at Yapster. It was originally conceived as a sales lead-generation mechanism for the Yapster product. I then spun this out of Yapster in the New Year to be a separate entity and have been running and growing this small business on my own since.

In July 2017 I sold the assets of Mutisite Masters to the business management and training consultancy Mastering Multi-Units (MMU). MMU have a fantastic team and well-focused mission to help retail and hospitality businesses thrive through better multi-site management and training. Their work aligns very well with Multisite Masters so it was a great fit and easy decision to handover the MSM Podcast into their very capable hands.

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Luminescent Alarms Limited

Status: ongoing involvement. Technologies: physical consumer product, laser-etching, micro-prisms, LED technologies.

Through the last 6-9mths I have been supporting a small Startup team based in Yorkshire, in their efforts to bring to market a novel new car alarm system. I was brought in to analyse and improve their existing business plan, then seek out and pitch for private equity investment to fund the next stage of the venture.

The Luminescent Car Alarm is a revolutionary new car alarm system, which conceals a hidden ‘stolen’ message within a modified vehicle number plate. Once triggered, it alerts the vehicle owner, and then also passers-by and the Police to a theft - by activating the highly visual display alert.

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Salmon Dance

Status: in-development, not yet published. Technologies: iOS10, Swift 3.0, XCode 8.

Salmon Dance (working title) is my first foray in mobile applications – a small mobile game for iPhone and iPad.

I have been learning iOS mobile development using online tutorials and research, and have a small, fun to play game which I hope to launch to the Apple AppStore by the end of the year.